Thursday, August 1, 2013

Around The Garden

 Here's the view of our backyard today.  Things are growing. 

 Some, like the squash, grow too fast.  We can't keep up.  

 The cucumber and melons have a lot of growing to do.  Maybe a few cucumbers by next week.  Maybe. Melons are always iffy here. Nights are too cold.  If we are lucky we will eat one in September.  I guess I just like the idea of trying to grow melons.  :-)

 Only tomatoes we could eat are fried green ones.  I started mine by seeds late this year and it looks like they won't be ready for quite some time.


 Strawberries do deliver though.   

 These plums are ripe too.  They may be itty bitty but they have a fantastic flavor.

 The early corn is tasseling!  The ears are thickening.  Alert the media, (AKA the donkeys) we have corn.  Soon it will be time to sneak in and eat.  (Last year's corn thieves! missing Charlie :-()

 Leaf lettuce is always at hand here on the north coast.  I just plant every few weeks to have a steady crop.  We like chopping it small and tossing with fine olive oil and apple cider or balsamic vinegar.  Yum.

While our grape arbor is always a nice place to hang out on a summer day, our grapes don't always ripen.  This year's crop looks like it might though.  We've got our fingers crossed. 

 Apples are plentiful.  We've thinned and thinned and still the branches look like Christmas trees with too many ornaments.  We have 15 apple trees of various varieties and ages.  We do not lack for apples.  Unfortunately I found this calling card outside our fence this morning. 


 By tomorrow all might be lost. 


  1. That looks great. Fried green tomatoes - sounds like a great title for a movie. You didn't identify the pile in the last picture??


  2. Look the bits of apple Dan....Those have been chewed and partially digested. The omnivore ate a little too fast. I'm sure he'll savor it a bit slower tonight!!

  3. What a beautiful backyard garden! I love the way you used the tractor tires!!!
    Bionic Cowgirl

  4. Your garden looks great! Wish we had some zucchini. I do recognize the bear scat. Ours are just full of berries!

    You are quite the rattlesnake hunter!

    Rick P.


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