Tuesday, December 31, 2013

A Year End Review in Photos

Costa Rica

Grandson Grayson's 2nd Birthday


Babysitting in Las Vegas

Spring on the ranch

Meet Grandson Zane

Cattle Round-Up

Meet Grandson Graham

Summer at the falls

Backpacking in the Sierra Mountains

Final farewell to my mom

Fall calves

Family Thanksgiving

The big freeze of 2013

It was fun and bittersweet to flip through our calendar and browse through the photos of the year.  A couple things I noticed about 2013 was that I didn't take as many photos as usual and we were gone from home a lot.  While the photos displayed here do give some sweet highlights to our year,  they leave out many moments, many emotions, many choices made.  A few of these I'd rather forget.  
Now,  into 2014 we turn with hopeful faces to the rising son.  Happy New Year. 


  1. A full year. I hope and pray 2104 will be a blessed year for you both. Dan

  2. 2014 will be a much better year :)


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