Friday, December 20, 2013

Beautiful Days

 All I can say is that we have been having beautiful days here this week.  Dry, dry, dry, but lovely nonetheless.  Well, we do get a nice blanket of fog most mornings and every drop of moisture does help, so I guess it's not completely dry.   It is so strange to have only had one significant rain thus far.  Very strange.  I keep thinking the pattern has to break, but still no rain in the forecast. 

 This is me and Perse.  She is called Perse because  she had perseverance and survived on hardly any milk for the first couple of months. Her mama, Bessie,  had 3 quarters of her udder not working and we didn't know it.  I should have caught the hungry gleam in the calves eye sooner, but she worked that one teat like nobody's business.  As it was, I brought her and her mama in and supplemented her with a bottle.  Eventually, the mom had to go, but for a while, little Perse had two mamas.   She still likes loving on and I'm always happy to give her a scratch and a hug.

 Mr. Johnson was not hand raised by us, but we did buy him when he was young and kept him around the house.  He is a very gentle soul and follows us around.   I don't go in for the hugs with Mr. J. as one big sling of his head and I would be down for the count.  I scratch from a distance.  He especially likes to be scratched behind his ears. 

The horses are kicking up their heels and enjoying life.  Hope you are too. 


  1. We're still kicking. Great picture with the back lighting.


  2. That is a GREAT shot of happy horses!

    Hope you get some measurable moisture soon.



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