Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 2

Highlight of the week was when my cousin Vicki and her husband Dave came up for a visit.   To come see us, you don't just drop in because you are in the neighborhood and we really appreciate our friends and family who take the needed time and expense  to come see us.    We are especially thankful for these two in our lives because they were regular visitors for my mom and dad and supporters of us during our time of care giving.   They are just gracious people.  They even went so far as to call our bunkhouse a Hilton.  Anyone who has stayed there knows it is more of a Motel 6, as in we leave the light on for you.  If we didn't you might fall in the ditch walking between our house and it.

  We took them for a tour of the ranch in the landcruiser.  This photo is on the track down to the falls.  The  oaks without their covering of leaves display their companions, the moss, very proudly.  I love the glow.

The falls are as lovely as ever and our guests were smitten with them too.   One of the best things about having guests is having our eyes reopened to the beauty that surrounds us.  We get to see the ranch fresh through their eyes.  It is a huge blessing and one we will probably never tire of. 

 The willows at the falls are displaying their catkins.  They are lovely, but they seem a bit early to me.

Since retiring from dentistry, Dave has become an avid wildlife photographer.  We especially enjoyed his stories of the grizzlies and caribou in Alaska.   Unfortunately, the ranch didn't deliver in that department.  We didn't see much on wildlife on our tour,  just donkeys and cattle.

That could have been because we were driving around hollering, "Come on ladies", as we were multitasking and feeding the cattle.  These two cows are named Harley and Jumpin Julie.  Harley is named thus because as a calf her facial markings reminded me of a harlequin and Jumpin Julie always leaped through the cattle chute as a youngster.  She is a bit more sedate now.

Out hiking, my cousin said jokingly, "There's sh-- everywhere!"    You can't walk far without seeing it, or stepping in it if you aren't careful. ( Kinda like life.)  We just need some good rains though and it will all  melt into the earth and fertilize the plants that shall then rise swiftly toward the sun.  It's a beautiful thing.  I think about this cycle when Im walking/wading through figurative sh--.  Something good could  grow from that if only I will let it, cause all things work for good for those who believe.

Speaking of good, we got 3/4 of an inch of rain in the last couple of days.  It wasn't much but it is  welcomed with open arms.  Mark actually tore off his shirt and danced. He wouldn't let me take photos.

And another week ends.  Fifty more to go.  I think about what life has in store for me and what I want to give it this year.  I certainly hope that I can learn to be as supportive and gracious as the family we had visit this week. And maybe next time I will pull of my shirt and dance when it rains.  Maybe. 


  1. I can relate to your cousin and her husband's experience. We felt the same way. The interior of the bunk house may not be Hiltonesque, but the view, especially when the sun is rising, is worth every penny. I especially loved the fog in the valleys. I'm very sorry you couldn't take any pictures of Mark dancing in the rain. Are you sure it was only his shirt that he took off? Maybe my imagination is running a little wild ;)

  2. Your 'balmy California' is much prettier than some of the parts I have visited; do enjoy all that loveliness! I don't think it is quite right calling your cattle 'wild things' since they come when called. However, you could turn that around on me since our wild horses come when called also. I think that makes us very lucky people - that we can get our animals to be that trusting of us. God does work in mysterious ways.
    Bionic Cowgirl


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