Sunday, January 26, 2014

Week 4

What can I say.  I'm spoiled.  My husband carted me off to a tropical paradise for my 51st birthday.

 This is the first birthday in a very long time that I haven't celebrated with my mom and it's a bit hard. Maui does make it better. 

My mom and I shared the same birth date,  January 21st.  And we look quite a bit alike too, and her friends say I remind them of her.  Here we are 2 birthdays ago,

and here we are on my 16th birthday.

 Wow, that was awhile ago.  Mark kissed me for the first time on my sixteenth birthday.  It was in our hallway where my folks couldn't see.   I can't say it was my first kiss, but it was the best kiss, so I kept him.  Well, for that and a few other reasons. 

  Now, I better go back to some snorkeling,  I think the whales are calling my name or maybe yours.  Who knows, but they sure do sing. 


  1. You do look a lot like your Mom - both handsome women.

    Happy belated birthday and see you soon.


  2. Happy birthday! I'm sorry it has to be without your mom, but I'm glad Maui is helping a bit. :)

  3. Happy Birthday and enjoy that gorgeous beach. I'm sure you wouldn't want to make those whales upset for ANY reason!
    Bionic Cowgirl


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