Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5

We've been enjoying our second week on Maui.   We camped on the east side for a few days and one of the mornings were treated to this sunrise.  

We also enjoyed waterfalls and swimming and lots of birdsong.  The nice thing about camping out here is you can plan activities before or after the hoards of tourists arrive driving the 'road to Hana'.  We hiked trails all alone that later in the day were packed. 

Then on to a small condo in Kihei.   We like the southern part of Maui for its pristine beaches and amazing snorkeling spots.  It rained a bit during this time so we also hiked across lava to secluded coves and vistas.

Now, we are enjoying the generosity of a friend on Maui and woke up to this amazing view.

Then we had a wonderful morning with our New Mexico friends, Dan and Betty.  

You might have noticed Dan's comment last week on this  blog. Providentially they were on Maui too!   What a wonderful blessing.  

We met at this lovely church that has a Polynesian/Hawaiin element to their worship service.  It was a real treat to share it with Dan and Betty and I would recommend this service to anyone visiting.  This sweet little church shared Aloha in a big way.  ( Btw: these last 2 photos are Dan's).

Now, we are preparing our hearts for home and are excited to meet two of these little cuties.

One of Eric and Jo's ewes delivered twins.  A boy and a girl.  They are calling them Dinner and Replacement.   Original, huh?!   Gotta love it.  

We love too, that it actually rained some while we were away and we see rain in the forecast.  Yippee!  

This week I'm blogging from Maui Paradise, next week's  will be from our own little paradise.  Aloha. 

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  1. Wonderful photos. You have a great eye. I love the sunrise especially. A real blessing for us as well. Safe travels home. Dan


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