Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 6

Blessed Rain!  It's been raining all week and we love it.  A good old Humboldt gully washer.  The sound cheers the heart as it refreshes the earth and fills the streams.  It's a beautiful thing.

It also allowed us to burn our old corrals this week.
You might remember last year when Mark began cutting them up for kindling wood.  Our pile of kindling got pretty big so we decided we would pile and burn the rest.
I have to say it was kind of fun. Burn, baby burn!   
Having the skid steer made a tiresome job easy. A few sections lifted off as one piece, but most of the wood was really rotten, so we would stack it on the forks and Mark would drive over to one of the 3 fires and dump the load on top.
At times the fire got pretty hot and we were thankful for the rain to protect the barn. 
By day's end all the corrals were gone.  Now, we begin the planning on the rebuild.   We are leaning toward some sort of pipe corral, either welded or portable panels.  We love wood, but they don't last too well here in the north coast.   Time will tell. 


  1. God's blessing for decisions well made on your part? Dan

  2. Looks like everything is working well: the waterfall is running, the fires are burning, and look at all that open space! Maybe a combination for your corrals. Welded pipe is the best (except for expense, of course, unless Mark is good at welding) provided you really know where and how you want the setup - because it's permanent! How about panels to try out setups, especially with the skid-steer to help move them. Then add welded in the locations you 'never move'. We love wood, too, but understand the issues. Had to replace about 1/3 of our corral poles and posts this last summer, after 13 years, and we live in a dry climate. Keep enjoying the moisture!
    Bionic Cowgirl


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