Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 11

 This week we announced to the cows that we were offering a free clinic for all their health care needs.

We also told them that the first to arrive got a free meal and complimentary  ear rings.  They came running.  It was almost like a Black Friday, and I did see a few of the ladies get shoved out of the way.  For shame.

 Once in the waiting room/corrals munching on hay, we set up the needed supplies.  Patient chart, check.

 Complimentary ear rings, check.  Copper and Selenium pills, check.

Vaccinations on ice, check.  Fresh needles, check.  

Here is one of the gals getting her minerals.  The doctor has a special way of asking nicely for them to open their mouth. Most of them oblige.  He told me his secret. He first touches them on the face and then slumps his shoulders to put them at ease.  He then inserts his finger in the opening between their teeth on the side of their mouth and quickly inserts the device when their  mouths open.   One quick squeeze and the big pills slide down their throats.  The boluses get done first, because a few of the gals try to spit them out.  If they spit them out, the doctor puts them back in.  They need their vitamins, don't ya know.

Here he is giving a calf it's first vaccinations and a tetanus because the calf is a bull who will soon be a steer. 

Instead of cutting the testicles out, the little bull is banded with a special rubber band.  This cuts the circulation off to the testicles and the whole thing eventually just dries up and falls off.

Lastly the cows and this year's calves get a pour on wormer.  We don't use insecticides on the long yearlings that will be slaughtered this summer.  
 We also put on complimentary earrings, but in all the hoopla I forgot to get a picture

We did have medical assistants, but they were a bit camera shy.    

 Later, the assistants, had us to their cabin for a delicious tri-tip barbecue.   Here is Jo and her bummer lamb.  He is doing really well.

They also treated us to some entertainment and undressed quite a few sheep.  

Doesn't she look nice, she's all cleaned up and doesn't know where to go.  Well, her kids were calling so she decided to forgo the outing and hurried back into her home.  

If she had come to our free clinic she could have gotten  complimentary earrings to go with her new outfit.

(We have two free clinics on two different days.  One in the front of the ranch and one on the backside.  It saves the ladies a long walk and makes it easier on the medical personnel).


  1. You succeeded in your attempt. I laughed. A lot.

    I also flashed on what I STILL think every time I see someone wearing a nose ring. Remember how bulls used to be handled?


  2. Very professional and efficient. I winced a little at the banding.



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