Sunday, April 20, 2014

Week 16

Have you seen Jesus? 

 I have.  He stood in an infinity of rolling green hills.  The sky above blue was dotted with white puffy clouds.  His clothes glowed like light.  I approached him from a distance and I could see him standing beside something about shoulder height.  When I got closer I saw it was a free standing, cheval style mirror with an ornately carved wooden frame.  I saw words written on the mirror.  I don't quite remember the specific words now, but I knew them well then.   Unkind words like: selfish, mean, crazy, worthless.  Then the looking glass started cracking and the pieces fell to the ground.  Jesus smiled at me and beckoned me to look again.  A new mirror shined in the light and on it were these words,  "You are my treasure."  

I've never been the same.  

Happy Easter!  He is Risen.... He is risen indeed. 

We are actually in Las Vegas celebrating our daughter's birthday and Easter.  They are on the same day this year.  All is well at the ranch, as it is in the capable hands of Eric and Johanna.

We hope you have a great Easter Sunday celebrating LIFE.  We are.

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  1. Wonderful story and so true. Have a blessed Easter and a safe trip home.



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