Sunday, May 25, 2014

Week 21

The cattle are happy,

And the pigs are fat.  The cows are fat too and the pigs are happy.  I think.  They need to head to the butcher shop very soon, so if you live here in Humboldt and would like a half or whole hog let us know ASAP.  As in right now, as we are planning to haul them in on Tuesday.   

There really is something to this heritage breed hoopla as we just ate our first pork chop and it was fantastic.   The flavor and fat melt in your mouth and the meat was pink and tender.  We loved it.  You will too.

Our price is 3 dollar a pound on the hanging weight and you also pay the butcher .70 a pound for cut and wrap.  The hanging weight on the hog we took in last month was 190, and these current ones should be about the same.  

(Btw: we have a few head of grass fed beef not spoken for as well.)

Everything is still pretty and green here, with splashes of gold across the south facing prairies.  

The evergreens tips look like they were dipped in bright green paint.

Buckeyes are blooming and smell fantastic.  Think tropical.

Saw my first firecracker flower today a sure fire sign of summer for me. 

We got home and Mark hit the ground running.  Chores on the ranch as well as back working for our neighbor.  I, on the other hand, hit the ground staggering under real life.   Like dishes.

Trail life is easy.  Only responsibility is to take care of my feet and make sure to drink enough water.  Well, a few more items as well, but very few and no big decisions.  I'm having a bit of a struggle getting my old rhythm back.  I find myself sitting under this apple tree a lot looking at the sky.

Or smelling our roses.

Watching the fountain splash and make water jewels on the lily pads is another way I pass the time.

I've gardened a bit too and walked.  I'm turning into a lazy lady.  I better turn over a new leaf this week and get some work done.  Or not.....


  1. So the animals are all fat and happy. Here's to hoping you are just happy...


  2. On your death bed I guarantee you will not say, "Darn it. I wish I had worked more." There is much to see and enjoy to make a full life. Let Mark be the work horse of the family. ;)



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