Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 27

I had a perfect day this week.  A golden, shining day.

Mark brought me coffee to bed before he left for work.  I read a bit.  Early to rise I finished all my household chores by 9 am and then watered in the garden and pulled a few weeds.  I  went for a 6 mile hike that went by the swimming hole and I took a swim and laid on a rock like a lizard.  I watched the little water dippers and the glimmering falls.  I hiked home and had a fresh leaf lettuce salad with tuna and iced water with lemon.  Ahh.   Refreshment.   I fired up Bouncing Betty our one ton Dodge and drove the ranch roads delivering salt and mineral blocks to most of the cattle's water sources.  I jumped a large 4 by 4 buck with his antlers golden velvet.  Startled he stood and gazed at me before dashing deeper into the brush.   As afternoon shadows deepened I saddled up big Will and went for a ride.  As the sun fell lower still I got in our wood fired hot tub and had a refreshing margarita.  Mark got home and we dined on our organic heritage pork, blue potatoes and sugar snap peas from the garden. We cowboy camped that night on our deck under my grandma's old blankets and under a banner of stars.




  1. I think you are making half of that up; nobody gets days like that - and that's packing a lot into a 'day off'. Glad you like horsey ears pictures, too! Wood-fired hot tubs sound so romantic, but don't they take a while to heat up? We have a wooden barrel hot tub, but it's kept hot all day with an electric heater (never know when guests want to use it). I have often wondered about the timing.
    Bionic Cowgirl

    1. Bionic Cowgirl, I married well and before Mark leaves for work in the morning he makes me coffee and builds a big fire in the hot tub heater. Not making it up. Since it's summer it is still very warm come sunset. It was a full day, but it somehow just flowed.

    2. There are other tub choices. The ones we use are snorkel stoves. We have so much firewood just from keeping the roads cleared and not much excess electricity so these fit us. One armload of wood will reheat the tub in twenty minutes, and then the embers will keep it hot til night. Mark

  2. That is so great. I agree, a perfect day.

  3. My post just disappeared into the ether.
    It's been a while, I've been buried under stuff, and I'm glad to be back reading your blog! My boss's new truck is named Betty, Betty White (she's a white ford).
    - The Equestrian Vagabond

  4. I'm so envious of the kind of days you describe here. So, glad to hear that you seem so content where you are. I really need to visit you here more often!!


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