Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 37

I'm back blogging with one finger on my phone because I drove south yesterday.  Here is a photo from the Richmond Bridge in the Bay Area.  

I'm at my oldest son's house waiting for his identical twin sons' birth.   The doctor said it could be any day!!!   My daughter in law is doing great.  I am amazed at her good attitude even though she has to waddle around and spend most of her day in bed.   I'm having a nice time with this little man.

Mark's at home feeding calves, cows, chickens and pigs. He'll have to get up extra early on the weekdays to make it to his job on time.   He practiced this morning and sent me this photo.

The bottle fed calves are doing well, but growing at very different speeds.  They started at about the same size but Sassy is outgrowing Coal rapidly.   It's probably because her mama is doing better and lets her nurse what little milk she has.  

We had a little excitement this week in a marijuana bust on a neighboring property.
I can't find a link button on this limited phone ap, but you can google it: Salmon Creek, Ca.  marijuana bust.    I could see 3 of the greenhouses, but the 2 larger ones were more hidden from us.   I was surprised at how big they were.  We didn't know these neighbors, as they were new, but they were quiet.  Mark would joke and say they were maybe growing tomatoes, but sometimes the marijuana smell was quite strong.

Well, that's about it for our week.  By this time next week, we will be the proud grandparents of 5 grandsons.  


  1. Good news about the grandkids. Be safe in your travels.

  2. Lots of cute babies in your life right now. Looking forward to the birth announcement!

    Finally getting to enjoy our Indian Summer; doing a little riding with guests among the golden aspens. I really, really need to get a blog done, but seem to be pretty strapped for time (and energy) right now. Business is booming - and you know how it is about 'making hay .....'.
    Bionic Cowgirl


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