Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 40

It was already dark, but he had to go down to the barn and feed the bottle fed calves.   

The little buggers were counting on him as Tj was still down helping with the grandsons.   Identical Twins!   How cool is that.   Her job sounded a lot more fun than his:  Up at dawn,  feed the calves and other barn animals.  Throw something together to eat for breakfast and lunch, drive down the road to work and drive a bulldozer or haul gravel all day.   By 5 he's back home to drive around and feed the cows and their newborn calves.   The grass was growing, but it wasn't enough quite yet.   Good thing more rain is in the forecast.  After an hour or two he heads back to the house to feed himself and  the 2 little calves again.   Now, that the days were getting shorter, it was in the dark.  

Turning on the barn light two startled eyes and a set of brilliant white tusks surprise him.   A wild boar is inside eating the domestic pig's feed.   Quickly he starts lifting and closing the portable panel.  He'll catch the darn thief and deal with him later.  Just as he goes to hook the chain the 400 lb beast barrels into the panel and he jumps away as the boar runs out into the night.   

The heritage hogs got called in and put away as it isn't in the plans to cross with a wild Russian boar nor to feed expensive organic feed to him.   Hunters have been called and soon they will have a freezer full of pork and a trophy for their wall.  Hopefully....


  1. Wow! I'm glad we don't have to contend with THAT type of critter - and at that weight. Good luck on 'filling the freezer'; not sure I'd want the trophy. I think we will stick to moose and mountain lions- something about 'the devil you know'.
    Bionic Cowgirl

  2. Well....I might have exaggerated a bit on the weight.


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