Thursday, December 4, 2014

Week 47

Better late than never.

Thanksgiving weekend on the ranch.  While we were sad our oldest son and family weren't able to come up to the ranch,  due to the 2 month old twins,  the rest of our kids and grandkids made it and we had a wonderful time. 

 Last year little G could only lay on the couch and chortle, this year we were  grateful to see him walking all over the place, although he wasn't too happy about those down hill slopes.  His face was often green. 
 Big G was thankful to feed all the animals. First morning he was up before dawn hurrying us out of bed to go feed.   He especially enjoyed the little calf Cole.
Big G caught his first fish with his hero, Uncle Eric.  The fish was thankful it was catch and release. 
We all contribute dishes to our Thanksgiving feast by always have  the tradition of wild turkey provided by Eric and Jo.  We are all thankful they know how to cook a wild bird to perfection.   

 Thankful for a nice hot tub on a rainy evening and a happy grandson.  The little guy really likes to swim.  He goes under and then wiggles to the side and comes up laughing. 

 Grateful for rainy skies,  green hills and wonderful views.

 Thankful the big horse is a gentle giant. 
 Grateful to have such sweet cows. 
And this Grammie is really thankful that one little guy really loves animals.  Every one of which got greeted with a wave and a cheery 'hi' and 'bye". 
We hope you had a very lovely Thanksgiving as well. 

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  1. That's wonderful. Family, animals and great scenery... can't beat it. Warmest regards to you both.


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