Friday, December 19, 2014

Week 49

Last week was time to release the bulls.....

Sounds a bit like the running of the bulls in Spain, but alas, it is a much tamer event.  At least we think so. We did have some cows running for cover in the trees with a look of terror in their eyes, but regardless it was time.    Releasing the bulls now will have our first calves born mid-September.  We only have 2 bulls this year and instead of just opening the bull pen gate, we like to place them in their respective areas.  Since Lee,  knows us and knows the allure of a bucket of grain shaken (not stirred) he would get a trip in the trailer to the front of the ranch, while the new guy, Justin,  would get the back.. 

The bull pen's muddy and they,  the bulls, hang out by the manger, so to load Lee properly from the chute would require him (and us) to wade across all this mud.  It's been raining a tad bit. 

We didn't think he would like that, and we like a happy bull, mustn't have a mad one, so we tried something different.  Mark backed up to the gate by the manger,  Slipping and sliding towards me, I might add.  I am his chief backer upper assistant with my snazzy hand motions and occasionally squeals of STOP!  As was this case.
Lee stood by the manger watching all the commotion with a puzzled look on his face.  We opened the gate and got our trap all ready.  Next came the bucket of grain and sweet words of encouragement to the 2000 pound confused animal.  Dumping a bit in the back of the trailer, we put the rest way in the front where we wanted him to go.  If this was Mr. Johnson,  the gentle giant from last year, he would be loaded before I could get out the little front/escape door.  Not Lee.  He's only been with us one season.   He came to the back of the trailer, ate the bit of grain there, then stepped in and then promptly stepped out.  Nope.  Not getting in that trailer.  We waited, sort of patiently,  while Lee got his courage back. 

Then just like that he loaded up and walked to the front of the trailer like a champ.  Door closes and he looks okay with it.  Maybe he will be my next gentle giant. 
He sure liked the next part. Oh yea.  They smell good. 
Now to get Justin in the trailer would require a chute as he doesn't know our ways yet.  So, since the cows do know us, we brought them to him.  These few got in front of our truck in their zest to go the barn and get a hand out of hay. 
We opened the bull pen gate and, um, well, you can't tell from this photo, but Justin got a bit too excited and this is when some of the cows ran for cover leaving a few calves around wondering what just happened.  

This week they have all calmed down a bit and the new guy, Justin, seems to have been wooing the ladies a bit more appropriately as he always  seems to have groupies with him now.  Lee, in the front of the ranch, has always been popular with ladies.  He has his moooves down. 


  1. Show 'em how sensitive you are Justin. Works good.


    1. If this approach works for Bill and bull I may even try a little tenderness... Mark


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