Sunday, December 28, 2014

Week 51

Christmas!     Our immediate family gets together for Thanksgiving, so for Christmas they all spend it with their in-laws.  Usually we go to Mark's family for Christmas Eve, but this year other plans within his family were made and we were left without any plans. My sister called and insisted we spend Christmas with her and her family.  Last year was our first Christmas without our parents and it was hard on both of us.  Sharing it together this year was new and fun.  It wasn't the same as before and that was good.  Growing up my sis and I didn't really have much in common and as the baby in the family, I was considered the interloper, or 'the golden child' as she now lovingly calls me.    Then, it wasn't so lovingly.  Ha-ha.    I was always jealous of her beauty and brains and she was jealous of my charm.  I guess.    Now, we get along well and are surprisingly alike in speech and mannerisms.  It makes her grand daughters' laugh.  They think it is funny to have a grandma clone.  We really don't look much alike though, we just act a bit alike.   

Here we are trying out her granddaughters' new skates, in the house.    It's a good thing we didn't break a hip.  Good times.

I must have been a good girl because Santa gifted  me a new camera.  He must know me well because he got me a nice point and shoot.  I've been debating on getting a DSLR, but I probably wouldn't carry it around much, and I'm so used to wearing my little Canon on my hip.  Santa, I mean Mark, says I look like a photography gun fighter.  Here I shot  a calf.  Click, Click.  This camera can really zoom as I was standing very far away. 
I like this camera.   Here I shot our little dog Shadow.

Carnivorous cows were chasing us down this morning.  Gotta shoot them. 

Of course, they aren't really carnivorous cows, but we had one young visitor ask us if they were when they surrounded our vehicle, and the alliteration and imagery just stuck.  Now they are lovingly known as carnivorous cows when they swarm and swarm they did today. 

I'm really loving my new camera.  As you can tell.  It is a Canon Power Shot SX700HS.  I really look forward  to reading the camera's manual and learning  all the things it can do.  I'm so excited and grateful to have it.  My old Canon Elph just wasn't taking good shots anymore.  Poor dear will have to be retired.  But not this fella.  He still looks in pretty good shape to me. 
I  secretly shot these photos of Mark.  I wonder how long before he asks me to remove them.  Ha-ha.  Here's another.
The power of zoom, zoom, zoom. He was actually watching Eric load a muzzle loader pistol.   I'm really looking forward to capturing moments in 2015.  Thank you Santa Mark. 
We hope your Christmas was merry and bright and filled with love, beauty and peace.  God bless you and may you bless Him too. 

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  1. Those are really good pictures, especially of Mark. Even though a good camera helps, it's the photographer's eye that makes the difference between an average picture and a good picture. You have a really good eye. Also, you only have one more week to go! Have a blessed New Year.


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