Saturday, September 19, 2015


Our Toyota Landcruiser came home from the mechanic's shop today and we made a little video of it's adventure along the way.  

Speaking of homecomings... I've been gone from this blog for a long time.

In August I traveled to the foreign land of Las Vegas, Nevada to help our daughter make a warm and inviting environment for her kindergartners.  She changed schools so there was a lot of work to be done.  We moved two pick up loads of materials to her new class.  We then  sorted and organized all her materials  plus the materials that were in her new classroom.  We also had all of the regular stuff of classroom setup:  tables, desks, rugs, bulletin boards, name tags, etc.  There is a lot a teacher must do before the little ones arrive.  I get great satisfaction organizing, so I totally got into it.  I also enjoyed all the time with my family there.  Then, I was off to my oldest son's place in the Central Valley for another great visit.  Then,  Mark met me and we headed into the High Sierra for another backpacking adventure.  You can read about it on our hiking blog

When we got home last week, we got the best homecoming gift ever.  RAIN!  A good soaking rain.  It washed everything clean and made the earth smell good.  We should soon see some green grass shooting up and the cattle and hogs will be excited about that.  We are especially grateful that it helped with all of the wildfires our lovely state has been having. 

Life is good. 


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