Monday, February 15, 2016

A Place For Restoration

One thing that is a constant on the ranch is broken things.  It. is. non. stop. 

Last night Mark and I were discussing this and he said that for him if he thinks of it as 'restoring' versus 'fixing' he is much happier.

I can fix something and all I seem to be able to think about is how it will just break again.    But when I restore something it elevates the fixing to a higher plane.  It helps me feel good about what I'm doing.  

I just can't seem to get this thought out of my mind today, because I totally get it.  Words matter. Like I tell my oldest grandson,

What you say to yourself matters.

Right now, Mark and our neighbor Gil are restoring a road, with some big boy toys. (Check out a previous post on this.)   This is at least a biannual restoration project.  Mark is also in the process of restoring my favorite ride, The Kubota.    My baby has been out of commission for a number of years and I can hardly wait to hear its engine roar and go for another fun ride like this.  We also have a few loads of concrete buttresses to use as piers in the barn.   You might remember the start of this project way back when.  It's still not done and like everything else on the ranch is in  a constant state of
deterioration and restoration.

Kind of like us.  Am I right?  Our bodies and minds are constantly under threat and it is up to us to feed both of them the right stuff and we are very grateful that we have lots of the right stuff around us.

When you drive off  The Ranch you go under a sign that was given to us and it says, The Ranch on Salmon Creek:  A Place of Restoration.

True words.

This past weekend Mark and I went to a couples retreat for our 35th wedding anniversary.  It is really important to us to keep restoring our marriage too as relationships deteriorate  without a little restoration work too.  It was time and money well invested.  We had a wonderful time and  we learned a few more tools to help in our communication.  A win win. 


     Lovebirds.  Just a little bit wiser now.  


  1. Excellent. After almost 49 years Betty and I know two things. First, we're so different from those 22 year old kids. Second, working and growing is still fun. Keep up the good work.

  2. And neither of you looks a day older! Congratulations.
    Bionic Cowgirl


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