Sunday, June 5, 2016

May Madness

Time is flying!  Flying like a 747 it seems. I haven't posted in ages and thought it might be fun to just look through my phone's photos and memories to see what last month held.

A wedding in Carmel, with two of our daughters and two of our grandsons, begins the month and you must always remember we live hours from anywhere.  It's a 7 hour drive to get to Carmel. 

While we were away friends lost this little 14 year old dog at the ranch.  She was missing for over a week when Eric spotted her hiding in some ferns. She had 50 something ticks, but was otherwise okay.  She had us all quite worried and we feared the worst.  Dogs are tough.  Old dogs are tougher.

The hens really started laying this month. Green grass and longer days and they were some very productive birds.

Speaking of birds, some of our homegrown chicken was barbecued because there it is in my photo feed.  We always eat well on all of our homegrown  meat and garden produce.  Speaking of which:

Lots and lots of strawberries.  We have so many that I've been able to freeze a few.

Patched up the corrals because we needed to bring in the cattle to vaccinate.
Here some are.  They know the sound of our truck (which we feed out of) and my screeching voice and we get pretty lucky at having them stream out of the woods and across the prairies and to the corrals.
Here are the guys after we were done working with the cattle.  They look good.  This year spring vaccination went really smooth and quick.  We worked together like a well oiled machine. 

Had a lovely rainbow along the way. 

And our tulip tree bloomed.

Cleaned the basement and sold things on eBay for the first time.  Got jipped on eBay for the first time.  Lol

Another wedding 7 hours away in the Sierra foothills.

Attended our grandson Zane's 3rd birthday dressed up.

Our new names are Grammy and Poppa Potato Head.  Zane loves Toy Story! 

Sold our last batch of piglets.

Got lots of donkey love.

Rode Horses.

Mark did lots of mechanic work.  The axle fell off of our cattle trailer.  He also worked on the skidder and bulldozer and generator and, and, and.  Plus he worked for a neighbor driving a dump truck and other heavy equipment almost 5 days every week.  Mark is a busy man.

And in the evening as the sun sets he takes a break and soaks in our wood fired hot tub.  Drinking some fine sparkling water.  The good life.

We had an couple hours at the beach on a trip to pick up a new gilt and our old boar who both did not want to load so it didn't get done until June.  New story.

Dead whale on the beach.  In case you couldn't tell. Tiger sharks killed it at sea the experts think.

We also swam at the falls for the first time of the year.  I say swam, I didn't really swim. It was cold!  I floated on a mattress.  Mark did swim and our grand dog Spice hardly ever quit swimming.  She has a passion for water and sticks and watermelon apparently as we had one chilling and she retrieved it after about 20 minutes of trying!

It's pretty easy for us most days.

There you have May at a glance as seen through my photo stream.   So much to live, so little time.


  1. Looks as if it was a full and grace-filled month. I'm glad the dog was OK. Thanks for sharing your great photos.

  2. What fun pictures - and a hugely busy month! Think you can top that in June? So how many family members have you now? We are a generation ahead of you so I won't spook you by telling you what it can turn into. We just had family photos done and what an experience!
    Bionic Cowgirl


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