Sunday, October 25, 2009

Calf Crazy

Photo of a brand new calf and her/his mama.
We have fairly mild winters here in the pacific northwest and we are told by other ranchers that fall is a good time to have calving. The fall rains bring up the new grass and the fairly warm temperatures give the grass some growth and vitality before cold sets in. It also makes our calf crop a bit more marketable as these young ones can be sold early summer after they fatten on the rich spring grass or held over for one more year and sold the following year to our neighbors for their freezers. I will keep you posted on how well this works. I worry that the cows could use more protein to make richer milk, so I like to supplement with a little hay. Or at least that is what I say, mostly I like giving them some hay at this time because their young are so dang cute and I really like hanging out with the cows too. I find that their presence is very relaxing. The cows are really beginning to accept me as part of their herd, so the really daring calves will come up and give me a good look, or maybe a lick! Sometime they venture close only to then dart off helter skelter with tail held high and- of course-with the occasional blast of flatulence! I really am pretty crazy about calves and they must think it odd to hear some two legged creature, bent over with nostrils flaring, making low grumbly noises, sort of like their moms do. All I can say is that it is a good thing we don't have any neighbors nearby.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Special Day

What does this photo signify? Any guesses? It was taken this morning, or was it afternoon? Ahhhh. Can't really remember.
Here is a lovely photo snapped by someone at our daughter's wedding. I didn't take any photos and I lifted this one off of facebook. It seemed odd somehow to go around snapping photos while a professional was running around doing the same thing. The photos she took should turn out really well because it was a beautiful day, with a beautiful bride and groom and a beautiful wedding party at a beautiful park. Wonderful. But a little stressful all the same when it is YOUR daughter.
Congratulations honey.
Here is a photo I did take at the rehearsal. They are such a cute couple. We are so happy to have Donnie as our son. His father did such a wonderful job with his speech at the rehearsal and at the weding. He spoke of how we are not losing a daughter or a son, but gaining family. And the good thing is we really love the family. Congratulations Donnie on your marriage with Sarah and with us!
As promised, here is a photo of us all cleaned up. With me in the fancier dress that I found in a local boutique at the last moment. My daughter liked it and then her and her bridesmaids gave me a nice modern look. Check out that straight hair. Wow. It is amazing what a little silicone and a flat iron can do. And they did my make-up too. It was kind of fun to look really nice for a day. My hubby looks pretty special too, but everyone keeps giving him a hard time about his grey beard. But I love his grey beard, so no comments please.
Weddings are wonderful for married folks. They remind you of your own love for your mate and the roads you have traveled down; sometimes bumpy, other times smooth. I snapped the following photo of an older couple holding hands at another recent wedding. Somehow their aged hands clinging to each other sums up how I feel about love. It brings a warm glow to my heart and a tear to my eye. Wonderful. Special. Here is another aged couple that I snapped a shot of at Brian and April's wedding. Perhaps you recognize one of them. The one with the grey beard? LOL. The other is Mark's best buddy and they always have a great time together. On this particular day they were sipping beer and hoping that their deep pit worked and that they would have meat to feed the 200 guests that were waiting. Luckily, it did. Almost 130 pounds of beef was eaten that day by only 200 people. Wow. They must have liked it. I like their aprons. Don't you? So cute! So special.