Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodbye Smokey

We just finished packing our truck for a trip to our Northern California Ranch when I noticed a dog slithering through our hedge. He was skin and bones and stood shivering on the edge of our yard. "Come here boy," I quietly called. He inched forward a foot or two with his tummy flat on the ground. I squatted down and earnestly called again. This time he came within a few feet of me, still hunkered down with his tail between his legs. I could see fear in his eyes, but there was HOPE shining out as well. I reached forward with my hand and briefly touched him. His tail wagged and he crawled up to me. I rubbed him some more. I stood up and asked him to come with me. And he did. My husband saw the steely look in my eye when I told him this dog was ours. It was a gut feeling. We loaded him into our already overloaded truck and took off for the north country.

That was about 7 years ago now and Smokey showed us what it means to be faithful and loyal. He really was our shadow and followed us quietly wherever we were going. In the beginning he would never look us in the eye and if he heard a loud voice or saw a arm raised he would squat down and run for cover. It took about a year for him to not to run and another year for all the fear to leave his eyes. All we ever saw was what looked like love. We miss him dearly.

His demise was fast. Tumors found a couple weeks ago, first of this week he began having bowel accidents and today his body started collapsing. It was time to say goodbye. Goodbye Smokey.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Las Vegas Vacation: condensed version

Day 1:
Begin Rock Removal
we no longer wonder where they get rock to line the highways

Build Raised Bed
for our daughter and son in law to grow vegis

Plant Flowers in Front Yard
which might wilt under the hot desert sun

Celebrate our Daughter's Birthday
with home cooked ribs, beans, salad and icecream cake

Day 2:
Pour Some Cement
one poor little sago palm had to die for this little spot of concrete

Paw Prints
that didn't take and scared poor Bella

Begin Hauling Rocks to the Dump
someone tell us why we can't just go dump them in the desert

Trench Under a Cover of Stars
because it was cheaper
Day 3:
More Rock Removal
this went on and on and on

Install Sprinklers and Drip System
with about 20 trips back and forth to home depot

Hauling Top Soil
with a supervisor on duty
Spreading Top Soil
that smelled like poo

Tom Sawyering a Neighbor Boy into More Rock Removal
who now regularly rings the doorbell

Day 4:
Lay Sod
and run short about 6 pieces
Day 5:
Fun Run at Lake Las Vegas
while Donnie finishes the sod

Hoover Dam
I tried to get Sarah to stand on the rail to get this picture...
she wisely declined
Day 6:
A Dinner Show
with horses and amazingly athletic men
Horse Race Win
by rolling a ball, and, no, I am not drunk

Day 7:
Picnicking at Red Rock Canyon
tried to hike a loop trail but took a wrong turn

Where the Red Bud Blooms
call our hearts home.Good Bye Dear Family
thanks for your hospitality!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Sunny Sunday Stroll: A Meditation on Spring

Creator who birthed the world,
breathe your life into us.
Savior who entered the world,
stretch out your hand to us.
Spirit who pervades the world.
Fill and overflow us.


(All photos taken on a stroll last Sunday, April 18, 2010. I wonder what new little friends have raised their faces to the sun this week!)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Falls in Spring

We are currently in Las Vegas visiting our daughter and helping her and her husband put in a grassy patch in her backyard. I sit here and think of home and thought I would share a little video of the falls that I taped last Sunday.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Images of Spring Branding

Even though my only jobs were organizational and to holler the cows into the corrals, I am too tired for words. And a little sad. Our old dog Smokey's tummy grew exceptionally large this week and the diagnosis from the vet was fast growing tumors. I have no idea how people manage watching their loved ones bodies change so rapidly from cancer, I am having a hard time and its only a dog.