Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Week in Pictures and a few words....

 My dad has recovered. He is now officially discharged from hospice.  Never heard of that before. Hospice told him that they originally thought he had weeks left to live, now they might give him years. Miraculous.   My mom's mental condition continues to deteriorate unfortunately.  For 3 months she was on an Alzheimer drug and we didn't see any real improvement.  We did see high blood pressure and ugly aggression, so we pulled her off of them a week ago.  Thankfully she is sweet again.  Sweet and forgetful we can handle, the mean and ugly we would rather forget. We aren't sure how long we will continue to live with them as we are in the process of trying to assess their needs and hire help.  My dad would like to stay in his home through summer, so my mom can grow a garden one more time.  

Had a lovely week's vacation at home, even if I was sick!  Mark was able to work on some corrals, prune the orchard and grapes  and feed cattle.  I drove the kubota and rode a horse around the ranch making sure all the cattle were accounted for; a roll call of sorts.  I got Molly back from the trainer and was so impressed I sent Belle,  my paint mare, back home with her.  I have never used a professional trainer before, now I see how valuable they can be.  Thanks again April Moore.