Friday, March 23, 2012


I heard it snowed while we have been away.  It probably looked something like this photo.

We are still gone.  Should be driving home today, but life got in the way.  Took my mom to the heart specialist and found out her pacemaker is running out of juice, so  a new one gets put in on Wednesday.  Should be a simple in and out procedure, but I want to be here for her. Hopefully, we will be home on the ranch by next weekend.

We have been having fun though. Walking and visiting and drinking good coffee. And doing the round of my parent's doctor appointments.

 We also went skiing and I had an incredible fall.  Haven't fell like that since I was a teen.  It didn't knock much sense into me then and the jury is still out about this time.  All I can say is that the hill had a yard sale of equipment laid out above me.  I was lucky though and after I quit tumbling discovered all that was amiss was a sprained thumb and a sore spot on the head.   

Today though was special.  We took my parent's on a drive up into the Sierra foothills.  We passed the grass lands first and saw lots of cattle and I remembered our cows and how we need to gather soon to band and brand and vaccinate.  Funny, how I almost forgot that.  I have felt so out of sorts some times. 

Our destination on this drive was my grandparent's home that they personally built with wood they milled.  My dad has really been wanting to see the place one more time.  I spent summers there and I was looking forward to going, but had no idea what an impact it would have on me personally.

The new owners, of some 20 years now, were super excited to see us. They had really admired my grandma and you could tell they loved her home too.

 I was a little startled when the man intensely said to me,  "You are the grandaughter?  The one who lived here in the summer?  Your grandma talked a lot about you. She really loved you."  Then,  entering the home I was shocked by the flood of memories I received from the smell.  How could my grandma's smell still be there?  They had done remodeling.  Perhaps it is the cedar wood of the siding or the memory triggered the smell.  Then I saw the old wedgewood stove, with a fire burning.  I touched the warming oven's handle and  in my mind's ear my grandma's voice was sharp and clear calling me and in that instance I remembered who I was. Didn't  know I had forgotten.  Wow.  What an experience.  Thanks Grandma.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Cloudy with a Chance of Showers

 Good bye Perse.
 Good bye hills dotted with cattle.
Good Bye trees and bull named Lou.

We are heading south on Amtrack for 10 day visit with my parents.  Wish us well. 

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It must be spring...

 Tender greens from the garden.

 Buckeyes leafing out.

Daffodils in all their glory.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Joy Ride

 When we are home I spend a lot of time on our horses and today I talked Mark into going along. Mark humors me by wearing a helmet.  Ever since his accident I have a very hard time seeing anyone ride without one. 
 We checked on cows along the way.  This cow is named Bossy for the obvious reason.  
 It was a very laid back  ride.  Mark rode on Will and I rode Buddy, both boys behaved themselves pretty well.   It rained last night so we slipped and slid a bit on the steep downhill, but no harm done. 

I am having a ridiculously hard time with Kate being gone.  Perhaps she was just the straw that broke the camel's back, but if I'm not on a horse, I find myself missing her and crying.

Good thing we have 4 horses that need riding.  

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Good Bye Kate

She is gone.  Eric shot her because she killed a lamb.  Law of the land, but one that, in this case I think was very wrong.  I told them not to let her be unattended while we were away.  To keep her in the kennel or with them at all times.  She has too much grip for sheep and had previously herded one of their ewes into a state of shock and then death.  I thought of finding her a new home. She was a very sweet dog.  Absolutely wonderful with children.  But Eric and Jo wanted to keep her to hunt with.  Kate was a very good tracker.  I wanted to keep her because I loved her smiling face and joyous energy.  And now she is gone and I feel sucker punched.

She will be missed.