Monday, March 21, 2016

Our Kingdom

It's currently raining, but we've had some sunny weather of late and you can almost hear the grass growing.  You can hear the multitude of tree frogs singing for a mate.  Their chirping, you can't call it croaking, is incessant.  Sort of like the media's non stop coverage of Trump. 

I blame my current obsession with politics on the flu.   I was well one moment and within an hour I had a fever, head ache, body aches and a bit of a cough.  I told Mark I think I had the plague.  He laughed at me hobbling around all hunched over and wearing sunglasses in the house because the lights hurt my eyes.  Then 2 days later he apologized when it overtook him. 

 We laid around for the first two weeks of February and had intermittent fevers and extreme fatigue.  We watched tv.  I watched too much tv and became more and more alarmed with the GOP front runner. I began online background searches of The Donald.  I was as bad as the media in my constant 'coverage' of him.  I became more and more alarmed.   I started posting a few things of opposition to him on Facebook.   All of my conversations would tend to flow into politics.  

I'm still trying to break this addiction. 

I still wonder, Who am I becoming and What is happening in America?  

You know the ranch is kind of like a mini kingdom.  Full of animals, plants and resources that have different needs and different wants.  As the King and Queen we have to keep all of these needs in mind while still trying to balance the books.  We try to be sustainable by making decisions that allow us to make a living and still maintain a healthy ecosystem that is enjoyed by all who reside here.  We also try to be good neighbors because our kingdom is just a small piece of the larger watershed.  

To my simple mind it appears that this is what is missing in our politics.  It is too much about team red or team blue winning or losing and not enough about doing what is best for the people.  All our people. People of all race, religion and creed.    It is time to not play left or right politics,  but work together to come up with solutions.  As I heard Governor Kasich recently say, it's time we put being Americans first, before being a republican or a democrat, and work together and lift this country.