Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Golden Days

The hills are golden and the days warm.  The cows lay in the shade during the heat of day, fat and content.  It's a sweet time of the year made especially sweet by a 10 day visit of two of our grandsons.  

Grayson is five and Graham three.  This was their first visit to the ranch without their parents.  I expected home sickness, but there was none.   Even though they come from the big city of Las Vegas they took to rural living like a duck to water.  Naturally.  Perhaps little boys are made for long rural summer days.  These two sure are anyways.  

We had three rules:

1.  No socks, because it takes grandma too long to pick out the stickers. 

2. Stay in the yard unless you ask to leave. 

3.  Tell the truth.  If you tell the truth you won't get in trouble.  

They did pretty well.  It took a little while for number three to sink in, but by the end they were real truth tellers and they learned a lot of life lessons on the ranch too.  

Here's a few:

Don't sit down and feed roosters because they might spur you.  

Cats purr, but they also have claws.

If you climb up make sure you can climb down.  

Watch your speed when running downhill.