Monday, January 2, 2017

Looking Forward

It silently snowed in the night. Everything  looks  different.  

Life's like that too as things often change without your awareness. 

It's still snowing.  Yesterday I photographed this little flower in our yard.  She's buried now.  


I'm feeling a bit buried too. I've been sick with congestion, cough and overall malaise.  For days I've not gotten out of my pajamas.  Dishes are piled high in the kitchen, and dirty clothes on the floor. My lungs really struggle with these kinds of chest colds and I try to just drink plenty of fluids and rest. I also use my inhalers as often as allowed.  

It's a good time to plan.  

Mark and I are discussing the direction we want to pursue going forward.   I've been feeling underwhelmed by the sameness of my days and overwhelmed by the multitude of tasks on the ranch.  MULTITUDE!  Many of which are very difficult for me to do. Ranching ain't easy and I'm a small, aging  woman.  I'm often covered in bumps and bruises.  Yes.  I know I'm whining.  It feels good to wine and dine.  For Mark's part he doesn't like having the hogs around all year and wants to make sure we get more logging done this year to pay the bills. Time for some adjustments.  

Just talking brings a wave of relief.  It's important to talk and share in a relationship and in a business. Things change and you can get broadsided if you aren't careful.  Be careful!

A guiding principle for us in 2017 is the question, "Does it add value?"  And the motto, "Less stuff, more experiences"


Mark is taking this to heart and has decided to go skiing on the ranch.  That's a first!  He apparently doesn't care about his skis much. 

We also decided we will continue with our retail sales of beef and pork  because it does bring value to our neighbors' lives and a bit to our pocketbook, but we are going to faze out the breeding of hogs.   We know quite a few locals who breed hogs so we plan to buy piglets once a year and raise them up on the ranch.    In this way we can time it for when the ground is dry and less damaged by their rooting.  Also, not having sows will make it easier for us to go on trips.  

We love backpacking and visiting our family, especially our grandsons, and always have difficulty finding someone to take care of the place. 

I hear the kubota driving up the short hill behind our house.  Let's go watch Mark's maiden ski.  

Have an intentional 2017!  

"How will we use these glorious days left to us for the best purpose?"