Monday, June 12, 2017

Wild Flowers

I've always loved wildflowers.  Their bright shining faces herald the end of winter and the promise of spring.   They represent to me the joy and constant renewal of life.  They seem to add a breath of hope to a world that too often seems to breathe despair.   

One of my bucket list items has been to catalog all of the wildflowers on the ranch. I've  been busy this spring wandering around taking photos of the lovelies with my phone.  There are a multitude of them!  I was already on a first name basis with a few varieties,  but there are a lot more of our flowery guests that I did not know at all.  I've found myself buried in a wildflower book or online trying to correctly identify them.    I haven't finished.   The summer varieties are still popping up and I  currently I have a backlog on my phone's gallery waiting to be named.

When I say named, I mean this quite literally, as I've taken to saying, 'Good day Woodland Madia' or 'Hello Buttercup'.   It helps me remember them and I like to think of them as my new friends.  I realize this project will probably take me many years to complete so I've started a wildflower page on this blog that I will continue to organize and add to.  

If you are on a computer you will see it listed along the top under the banner.  If you are reading this on a phone you will open the home link on the upper left hand side and scroll down and click on the wildflower page.  

If you see that I've wrongly identified a flower and this is very likely, please let me know.  Thanks so much and may you too get acquainted with many new 'friends'.