Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Unmasking

All of January we were drawn to looking at the naked trees devoid of their summer finery.  

Their structure stands out. 

Their form and shape unmasked for all to see. 

The deciduous expose while 
Evergreens maintain their cloak. 

The evergreen is careful to keep her needles until the next ones are fully in place. Like a surfer changing beneath a towel. Her shape forever described by silhouette. 

Deciduous trees celebrate inner beauty, knots, wounds, gaps and all.  Bareness exposed. 

Decidedly Deciduous
Unmasked in winter
They stand unadorned
By the business of doing.
Perhaps we too
Should have a season
To bare our soul in rest.  
Then later energy stored-
Buds, catkins leaves, pollen,  acorns!
Autumn glory another revelation. 
Green only the color of the work uniform.
With retirement comes an explosion of beauty. 
It was there all along. 
Then rest once again.  
The cycle complete.