Thursday, March 15, 2018

Wild and Wonderful Weather / Seasons

There is a saying, “If you don’t like the weather in Humboldt, just wait 5 minutes.”  February always seems to agree.  

Back in 81, Mark and I wed and we honeymooned on the ranch for two weeks.  I can remember running naked in the hot sun and snuggled up in blankets by the wood stove watching snow fall outside.   This February was the same.  Wild and wonderful weather.  

The month began very warm and dry.  It felt like spring with temperatures in the 70 degree Fahrenheit range.  It was lovely and the grass started to really grow.  The cows were very happy and I enjoyed the warm weather too.

Then it snowed.  Multiple times.  I played ‘gondola’ driver and Mark and I got some skiing in.  We have this one prairie on the front of the ranch that has a easy drop off and pick up spot and a short drive between.  The grandkids and family enjoyed sledding too and  making  fresh tracks in the snow. 

The cows were understandably hungry with their breakfast, lunch and dinner buried under the snow.  In between playing in the snow the ‘gondola’ delivered  hay.

We pass by these buckeye trees often and they are a season signpost.   First to lose leaves in the fall and first to gain them in the spring.  Overachiever!  

So, while our weather here will continue to be unpredictably  wild and wonderful one can see that the season is now changing towards spring.   As well as the buckeye trees unfurling their leaves, I’ve spotted English Daisies, Indian Warriors,   , Grand Hounds-Tongue, Western Trillium. 

*Wildflower season has officially begun!  

Spring is usually a warmly welcomed season, but there are other ‘seasons’ in life that are more difficult to embrace.  A season of illness, injury, death or financial woes. Or perhaps,  a season of mixed ‘weather’ like a new baby where joy reigns, but your sleep deprivation at times makes you question parenthood.   You get what I mean.  Seasons come and seasons go and during each season you might have some wild and maybe wonderful weather.  I find it helpful to remind myself that seasons change. Always.  The important thing I’m finding to be true is to practice the pause.  In happy seasons, sad seasons and mixed seasons, stop a few times each day and notice something good.  Perhaps an action of another or a beautiful vista or plant or building.   Breathe deep this moment of experience so it implants in your brain.  This attitude of awareness and gratitude will help carry you through whatever ‘weather’ the season brings.

(Check out our wildflower page for names and photos of some of the wildflowers on our ranch)