Monday, April 9, 2018

I Love this Tree

It’s in full bloom right now and it stands all alone on a prairie.  It’s near our main house and presumably someone long ago, and unknown to us, planted a young sapling hoping for fruit. 

 It’s a pear of undetermined age.   It’s (or is it a she?) now wrinkled, weathered and full of usnia blowing in the wind. The only pruning it gets is by critters and it must rely on the rain for watering. The cattle take care of the fertilizer and in the fall get rewarded with some tasty fruit. 

Bloom where you are planted she whispers in the breeze.  

Our son in law and daughter planted many Japanese cherry trees around the ranch while visiting lately.  They love Japan and especially the cherry trees there.  He told us he looks forward to retiring to the ranch and enjoying the beauty of the trees as he ages; the grace of the wood, the beauty of the blossom and the splendor of the fall color.  

I hope they take root and bloom where they’re planted too.  No doubt their whispering will grow as their roots go down deep and their branches stretch to the heavens.