Sunday, September 2, 2018


 Summer.  Where did it go?  When you are a kid the days stretch out like an endless white sand beach.  On the ranch the days go by in what seems like a blink of an eye.  We are busy, busy, busy. 

We’ve gathered cattle, sold cattle, butchered cattle, sold meat,  cut firewood, cut timber, hoed weeds, fed hogs, horses and chickens and our bulls, entertained family and friends, swam in the falls countless times and snuck away once to backpack for a few days and had another overnight camping adventure with all five of our wonderful grandsons. Plus, let us not forget, never can we forget, the never ending list of things that break that have to get fixed. This list doesn’t  even take into account  Mark’s side business. 

 The buckeyes are the herald of the changing of seasons; first to leaf in spring and first to lose in fall.  They are almost barren.   The wet season is coming and with it time  will slow down.  We will slow down. 

I think I will peruse my summer snapshots and post a few to help us remember the golden days of summer. 

Little cattlemen watering the herd

Little loggers 

Summer Skies ( we only had a handful of smokey days even though it seems like the west is all on fire!)

Feeding and hugging on hogs

Camping in the Redwoods

Backpacking in the Trinity Alps

Summer sunsets

Daily doses of beauty

Golden prairies and happy cows

Swimming at the falls.  

Looking through my phone’s photos I realize this summer has most often been filled with grandsons. I’ve also learned that I don’t snap many photos of all the work.  Mark keeps reminding me I need to go get some photos of him and our sons logging.  Maybe I’ll do that right now.

Remember your days of summer on this Labor Day weekend.

Fish On!