Monday, May 6, 2019

Skipping Winter

We decided to play hookie this winter.  We skipped the rain, sleet and snow and seemingly endless grey winter skies by thru hiking the Florida National Scenic Trail.  1103 miles from start to finish.  

We started under sunny skies at the Oasis Visitor Center in Big Cypress National Preserve near Miami and ended in rain at Fort Pickens near Pensacola. Physically,  Mark grew a beard and lost a few pounds and I pretty much stayed the same.  We changed a bit in other ways though.  We have a bit more grit and  learned that being treated like an unseen homeless person is a bit demoralizing.  We also found Florida to be a lot more that alligators and beaches.  You can read all about our hike at our hiking blog:
Or check out our Florida Trail slideshows on our YouTube channel under TjandMark!

Of course it’s great to be home.  The ranch is pretty wonderful all year, but in the spring it is sensational.   The wild flowers are blooming, the grass is green and the skies sunny.  Bird song fills the air and the wild turkey struts by gobbling.   Our domesticated animals overwintered well too with our sons’ care and luckily they still seem to know us.  The animals, not our sons!  

Daisy Mae has piglets!

Shadow helping me check cattle. 

A calf resting in the sun. 

We are still offering healthy and humanely raised beef and pork and taking orders for summer harvest.  We also have packaged meat available and you can catch us at a local farmers market or contact us for home delivery.  

As they say in Florida,  “Have a bless Ed  day and be safe out there”. 

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  1. I hadn't thought about the "homeless" aspect of long distance hiking!



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