The Chapman Ranch  borders Salmon Creek and Humboldt State Redwoods Park in beautiful Southern Humboldt County of California.  Our goal is to live and ranch simply and  sustainably.  We are a small family owned and operated timber and livestock business and feel very grateful to live in such a wonderful place.

The property we live on was once part of the eastern reach of the Lolangkok Sinkyone Native Americans.   A 1921 map from the Eureka Historical Society shows the property belonging to the Burnell's. From what we've been told,  beginning in the  1930's the property belonged to Joe Rossi.  The Rossi's were actually the family that built the house we now live in.  Our family bought the property in the 1970's from Ernie Manhart, who stayed on  here with a life estate. There are still many colorful stories about Ernie floating around the community.  My husband's parents lived here for a time in the 80's and a close family friend, Jerry Askew,  later lived here for more than a decade.  We moved up after the Canoe Fire in 2003 burned 1200 acres of the property.  Seeing the place go up in smoke was really hard for us and we realized how deeply we loved this land.  We came up to manage the salvage logging and just never returned to our old life of farming in the  San Joaquin Valley.  This place is home.  We don't know what the Lolangkok's called this land, but ever since anyone had a deed on the place,  it has been named after the family name.  Hence,  The Chapman Ranch.