We raise Heritage hogs, mostly red wattle/tamworth crosses.  Heritage hogs are those  breeds that can be traced back to the period before industrial farming. That was the time when all hogs were kept out on the pasture in small farms. In order to survive they had to be able gain adequate nutrition from whatever food they could find. This included plants, bugs, worms, small rodents, fruit, etc. They also had to be able to live outside and endure the heat and cold of changing seasons. When modern industrial hog farms started to take over, the hogs that were raised in those confined facilities slowly lost the ability to forage for food and endure temperature extremes. The pork industry also moved towards ever leaner and longer carcasses and the old breeds gradually fell out of favor and some breeds disappeared altogether.

Heritage Swine breeds have a richer, heartier taste to their meat, distinct marbling and a creamy fat. They are, quite frankly, absolutely delicious and nothing like the commercial breeds you buy in the store.

 We raise or hogs free from antibiotics and hormones.  They are allowed to freely roam around the ranch.They appear to be very happy hogs.

The price for a share of a whole or a half of a hog is $3.50 a pound on the hanging weight of the dressed hog.   You are buying a share of the live animal and paying on the hanging weight of the dressed animal for convenience in weighing.   Hanging weight on a whole hog is  around 200 pounds and you will get about 150 lbs. of packaged pork  and some fat for rendering or to use in specialty sausage making (amount is dependent on your chosen cuts and individual size of the hog).  A great online resource with a breakdown of cuts from  a hog is here. You also pay the butcher for cut and wrap which is about 80 cents a pound and you pick up the meat from the butcher yourself.