Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Year-New Life

Today, while driving home from church, my husband and I came upon a mama goat and her three newborn kids laying in the middle of the county road . The third kid was still wrapped in its sack and couldn't breathe. The mama seemed a bit distracted and so my husband jumped out of the car and opened up the sack for the little tyke. After a few soundless gasps it got its lungs full of air and started letting out some loud crying, demanding that its mama pay a little attention to him... or her. At this point we drove on up the road marveling at the wonder of new life.
It is very easy to start getting in a rut and lose that capacity to see new beginnings. I love the New Year celebration because it can be an impetus to open our eyes to the possibilities that surround us. Sometimes, when I am feeling in a rut, or these north coast rains keep falling (23" since Jan 1!), I contemplate that a new month is just around the corner, then I think about how a new week will be here soon and then I realize a new day will dawn tomorrow and finally I realize that each breath I take is one that I have not yet tasted. I breathe deep, fill my lungs, and let out a cry of wonder at new life.


  1. love this! i'm so into reading other people's blogs! (and do not do one of my own.) you'll have to make sure you have a camera at all times to capture those amazing moments. pretty amazing that you guys came upon that goat right then. hope your christmas was wonderful. :) i'll check back in soon. love ya, michelle

  2. Kudos to your having it together to create a blog, and for saving the little goooaaatie's life. They get so darn excited when they know they're going to live...
    23" of rain since the 1st Jan? Please send some down thisa way.

  3. Love the picture!! So beautiful! We're ready for the next installment. :)

  4. hey guys. hope to see you there in april...

  5. What a great way to keep up with you guys!Try to stay dry and send any pictures when you can. We love to read about your adventures on the Ranch.


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