Cattle like to wander around and graze whatever suits their fancy.   Grass, legumes and natural growing grains are the foods  that nature provides;  it is healthy for them and they in turn, are healthy for you.

According to most recent studies there are many benefits of grass-fed beef over conventional grain finished animals.  Here is a list of a few reasons you should buy grass-fed beef:
*It's lower in fat
*Higher in beta-carotene
*Higher in vitamin E
*Higher in B vitamins and riboflavin
*Higher in minerals
*Higher in total Omega-3's
*Healthier raitio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fats
*Higher in CLA (potent cancer fighting qualities)

The cattle are raised  on the ranch in the fresh air and sunshine. They eat the wild prairie grasses and clover. They roam freely and drink the pure water from our springs, ponds and creeks. They seem pretty darn content and we are committed to keeping it that way.

We do not use hormones, antibiotics, or steroids.  We don't rope  our cattle or herd them with horses or dogs.  We don't need to because they come when we holler!    We always try to use the least amount of force and treat the cattle with  respect. 

Our cattle are mostly Angus crosses.   Angus are well known for the best flavor and marbling of all beef breeds.  Our daddy's are always 100% purebred Angus bulls and the mom's are mostly Angus cross cows.  This adds hybrid vigor to their offspring.  Our youngsters are healthy and grow fast.

You can buy a  whole animal, a share in a half an animal or a share of a quarter of an animal.  For convenience in weighing we sell on the hanging weight of the dressed animal.  Current pricing is $3.50 a pound on the hanging weight.    Most whole carcasses hang at about 600 lbs. and you will get about 450 lbs. of packaged meat dependent on the cuts you choose.   A share in a half of a beef would be 300 lbs. and about 150 lbs. for a quarter of a beef.  The quarter of a beef is considered a split quarter because you will get some cuts from the front and the back of the animal. A great online resource listing the cuts available from a beef is here.  You will also pay the butcher for cut and wrap, around 80 cents a lb. and you will pick up your meat from the butcher.