Sunday, April 6, 2008


We are about 7 miles from the highway and at least half of that distance is on a one lane dirt road. So friends from the city often think we must get lonely living way out in the woods the way we do. They begin to feel sorry for us and take pity on us or perhaps they just come for the quiet and beauty. But one thing always happens, they soon discover that we we tend to have lots of visitors.

We really like sharing the ranch with others. Last weekend we had YaYa and her family and this last week we had Renee...

A hearts playing fool who loves sipping a freshly made Latte and laughing. I love the laughing. I haven't had so much silly 'ole fun in a really long time. I can be really, really silly and the guys in my household don't appreciate it very much, so thank you Renee for a great week. I miss you already and you've only been gone a few hours. *Sigh, sniffle

We also had a local boy scout troop...
They came to practice their map and compass skills and as far as I know no one got lost! They also did a little boating and fishing in one of our little bass ponds. I'm told (remember I was home laughing with Renee) that there were a few close calls, but nobody ending up taking a dip and a few fish were caught.

The first night, I am told, they stayed up until 3:30 AM. So the second night Eric the Bold decided to wear a bear cape and sneak up on them with the hopes of causing quite a scare. Apparently though sleep deprivation, hiking and boating causes a Snow White kind of slumber and they missed out on a man growling and snorting and pawing at the ground. Or something like that.

Y'all come back now, ya hear!


  1. you are such show offs!!! ;) still in awe at the beauty of your place! i don't think i'd stop taking pictures if i lived where you did.

    looks like your visitors were a whole lot of fun.

  2. Said Boy Scouts were pretty stinkin tired when they arrived home yesterday! After raiding the frige and taking showers (yes, really!) they hit the sack early last night. Thank you so much for your endless hospitality! I agree with Renee that you are the best of the best! (Let's hope that silly Renee comes back to visit soon!)

  3. Ahh, teardrops, I miss you guys so much, I think thats pretty funny, that eric the bold couldn't even wake they boys up with his scary bear cape.


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