Friday, May 23, 2008

Supervisor Charlie

" I'm not quite sure what he is doing in here, but I better supervise to make sure it gets done right." -Charlie

"He only got in the way a couple times, but he didn't dig any."- Mark

Day done. Goodnight!


  1. Even a beautiful barn! You guys need to publish a photo book of your little slice of Heaven!

  2. LOL good job Charlie! Did Mark miss any spots, or is it up to snuff? ;)

    What an amazing sunset- thanks for sharing that!

  3. Charlie sounds a lot like my gelding, Morgunn. He also likes to see what's going on and, if possible, stick his nose in the middle of it.

    Great pictures and it looks like a place that Betty and I would love to visit some day (hint, hint ;)...)



  4. That is so funny!! He must not want his barn messed with!! LOL! That is so cute!


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