Monday, July 7, 2008

Cody to the Rescue

This is Cody with Charlie. Cody and his mom, Kris, are living in our bunkhouse for the summer and Charlie likes to peek in their front door and watch videos with Cody! They're buds. It seems Charlie likes having next door neighbors and so do we. Last night Cody came knocking on our door wanting to know if I had any work he could do. It took me about 1 second to say YES. This morning we worked 3 hours and we... (drum roll please) tore down the broken chicken run, moved panels along our fence where Riley did her attempt at the high jump, hauled off 2 pick up loads of old and dangerous boards full of nails, as well as some old wire, put up a summer bed in the garden (real bed not garden bed), and cleaned and swept up our basement. Quite a bit for 3 hours. He said he was coming back tomorrow. I am very excited to have such a willing and hardworking young man at my disposal. It is amazing how much more work four hands can do and how much more fun you can have doing it!

Light is the task when many share the toil.


  1. What a wonderful young man!! It's so nice of him to want to help out!! Sounds like you got a bunch done!! It's always nice to have extra help!

  2. I'm with Andrea--he sounds great. I guess you need to think up your list every day of what needs to be done.

  3. Yes what a great helper!! It is so much easier when they are willing to help!! Lucky You!! Ok Now I am caught up on all your posts!! Now to keep up!!This blog thing is a fulltime thing!! (I love it!)

  4. when he's done at your place send him down to our farm! always plenty to do!

  5. Way To Go CODY!

    Love the fact that there is a boy out there who is not afraid to work and get into things. AND has a handsome horse for a pal.

    Cant wait to hear what you guys get done next!


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