Sunday, March 8, 2009

Weekend Visitors

This weekend we had many guests arrive. Our oldest, Zac, drove up from the bay area with his friend, Ryan, who doesn't normally sport a cowboy hat, but here he was getting ready for going to our cattlemen's dinner last night. Ryan brought along his new acquaintance from the Czech Republic. He is visiting the states to study. He is getting his Phd. in Theatre, and has been living in San Fransisco with his cat Chemy who he brought along to the ranch as well. It has been very interesting to hear some of his family's story and also some of the projects he has worked on as well as his plans for a future documentary. Here at the ranch we have been so blessed to have had many visitors, but I think he wins for being the one from the farthest away.Anna and Kaitlyn surprised me on Friday night. I wandered into our darkened home after grocery shopping to see some dark shadows on the love seat. Quickly, I turned on the light to discover two teenage giggling girls. What could be more fun? Yesterday we had a lovely day of getting stuck, picking up firewood, moving panels and other squandry and varied chores as well as taking time to go on a quick horse ride. They got another giggle out of their mounts varied sizes. It is kind of cute, the whole mini me thing going on!
The wild and wooly sheep never seem to know what is going on as Mark and I didn't really either when we got home from our dinner last night and found the following photos on our computer.

Hmmm...!? I think the girls played a prank up at the cabin.


  1. Great pictures and I'm glad you got to go for a ride, even if a short one. It's great to have a place where people enjoy coming.

    How was the Cattleman's Dinner? I bet chicken wasn't on the menu. Give me a good fresh steak any day.


  2. Oooh, a little mystery. Looks like that was fun. What did your far away visitor think about the ranch? I would have been scared with unknown people hanging out in my dark living room. Perhaps I'm a little high strung?

    Those sheep are way too cool! I want to write a book about their mangy ways. :)

  3. Dan the cattlemen's dinner was scrumtious and crowded.

    Michelle, I was scared when I realized someone was sitting in my dark living room, but steely brave too, so I turned on the light! Radek, from the Czech Republic, is still on the ranch and loving it. The man can really split wood and with a PHD in theatre. He is facinating to talk to and has a very generous nature. His grandpa is a Christian and lives in the hills of his country and Radek spent his summers with him where he learned to do all manner of 'ranch and farm' work. His grandfather also spent time in prison for resisting the communist government. Radek's parents are teachers of 10 to 15 year olds and I think his brother is now some kind of diplomat or professor or something. It is very interesting here on the ranch to see what the wind blows in.


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