Saturday, July 11, 2009

Adopt a Horse or a Goat?

This little 2 year old filly got her butt kicked. Literally. She is beat up and all alone. We originally found her down on the county dirt road, all by herself and not budging. She couldn't or wouldn't put any weight on her right hind leg. Thought maybe it was fractured. Neighbors all pulled together and we tried to trailer her, but she was too wobbly and weak. For 2 days we fed her and watered her on the road. We put buckets out as markers, so anybody coming up the road would be going slow. She eventually moved back up the road into her territory. She is hiding in the trees and I am still feeding and watering her. She is beginning to move better and I am hopeful that her leg isn't fractured. No swelling, no heat and she is now putting weight on it, a little. Enough to hobble around.
She also has an older wound. It looks nasty, but it is really ok. Too late now for stitches, it will heal with a lovely battle scar. Her owner was away on vacation when all of this happened. He feels terrible about it. He has offered me the horse for free or told me I could place her at a good home. If you've got a good home, give it some consideration. She needs some TLC.

On another note, Flower had her babies almost 2 weeks ago. Somehow, in all of our busyness I haven't posted about it. Two little boy goats delivered without any fuss. Flower is an excellent mother. I wanted to make Flower my milk goat and she has plenty of milk to spare, but so far I haven't been successful. I need a little milking stand or something. She doesn't think she should share her milk with me. What nerve! These next two shots were taken this morning. Kidd A:
Kidd B:
It looks like Kidd B already knows how to have a little 'tude! They are sure cute. I am trying to not get too attached. I haven't gentled them. I haven't named them. They might someday be dinner! Or brush eaters. They can't really be more pets. We have so many pets. I really mustn't add them to my collection. I mustn't, I mustn't ..... Sure is hard.
Here is the proud papa. He is a fine billy goat. I really like him, but would be willing to share him with someone else in Humboldt if they need their goats bred. My husband originally found him on Craig's list for free and we decided we would pass him on when his time of romancing Flower was done. Any takers? He is kind, never aggressive, although Mark swears his smell is aggressive! There is something wrong with my nose, I guess, because I can't smell him. Not much anyway. :-)

If you live in Humboldt, or a neighboring county, and would like the filly or the goat send us an email at:


  1. Aww, that poor horse! I'm so glad you're taking care of her. And the goats are adorable. I bet you won't have any trouble placing any of these critters. Boy that's a big gash on the shoulder though, whew!

  2. Dude TJ- that is a mighty cute filly there. I'd hate to see what kind of beating she actually TOOK. Kinda reminds me of Sonny Horse here when he got back Home. (I'll have to email you that story privately... remind me! LOL)

    I love goats!! Flower looks like a good Momma, and oooooo are those some sweet babies!!

  3. I hope you find a home for the horse. She's a fine looking animal.

    Down here we would call your youngsters 'cabritos.' (Spanish for kids)


  4. So is this the beginning of "Mark's" list?
    How about "TJ's Rescue Ranch"?
    I feel a new sign coming on!

  5. Oh Tammie, you are up to your neck in animals! I love the baby goats, they are sooooo cute. And rescuing a horse- I don't know- it is just so you. I love you and miss you, friend.

  6. I'm not kidding, I love those little goats!

    Adopt them all--you know you want to! ;)

  7. There are ways to help a goat decide to share their milk... One way is to give them a small bucket of grain, while you straddle them backwards, lift their rear feet off the ground by putting your arms in front of their hind legs, gently grab those teats, and start milking! That way they can't kick the bucket, or step in it, and you geet to share! ( If you can't find a milk stand...)

  8. She is s super cute filly!! It sounds a bit fishy to me.....owner near the is injured....she didn't get his by a car did she? I hope she pulls through. She was lucky to have you find her. And I am sure someone will take her, she is cute.

    And I am sure her shoulder will heal up nicely. My mare got a HUGE gash right between her front legs. Skin was hanging and was nasty. And it healed right up with out a scar!!

  9. Charity, her new name, is doing much better. Gash is healing and she is walking on all four legs, albeit with a limp. Andrea, we live pretty deep in the woods at the end of a dirt county road and there are a small herd of horses that roam. She had been penned up to keep her away from the stud, but when her owner went on vacation he let her out on his fenced ranch property so she could forage and she must have tangled with the herd. The wounds look like a horse did it. No car. She was way down the road to get away from the herd, we think. We have had a couple offers to adopt her, so that is good. I am teaching her to lead and what not before we move her to a new home. I am trying not to get attached. We have 12 other equines on the ranch and we don't need number 13.

  10. Mark and Tammy- I can't believe Flower had babies! They are just so cute. I am glad to hear she is a good Mommy: I suppose maybe that is why she doesn't want to share her milk?

  11. Oh Tammie, you are up to your neck in animals! I love the baby goats, they are sooooo cute. And rescuing a horse- I don't know- it is just so you. I love you and miss you, friend. horse vacation


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