Thursday, June 16, 2011

Raising Cornish Cross Meat Chickens

This was the size of the meat birds on day 2 of their lives.

Here is a chick on day 14. Quite a lot bigger.

Out of the 30 chicks, one died, I don't know why. Usually though, I lose a few, so its death isn't unusual. So far, the chicks have eaten one 40 pound bag of organic chick starter/grower.

On day 2 they bounced around like pin balls but now they move at a more sedate pace. I only use the 250 watt heat lamp for night and it is now hanging 22 inches above the floor. During the day I use a plain 100 watt light bulb. Soon I will discontinue the heat lamp altogether. Which will be good because the generator has had to run most evenings for a couple of hours to keep our batteries charged up. (We are completely off the grid and generate our electricity from the sun and water.) They will be moving into larger accommodations soon and will have access to the outdoors.

Another update coming at day 28. I bet I will have to use 2 hands to hold one then.

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  1. 'Meat bird' - that sounds ominous - but also delicious.


  2. Completely off the grid sounds very impressive! Wow.


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