Friday, September 26, 2008

The Trials of Buddy

This week we took Mustang Buddy Boo to the vet. Buddy has been having intermittent lameness in his right front for about 10 weeks and about 8 weeks ago developed a quarter crack. Good news is that the vet agreed with our farrier and Mrs. Mom and her hubby (who did an online consult) that the bar shoe that was recently applied looks like it is stabilizing the crack and no signs of soreness or lameness in the foot could be found at this time.

Well, just as we finished the consultation I asked Buddy to smile for the four men who were standing around him (the vet, Eric the Bold, my hubby, and Roy, our farrier). Which he promptly did. Then I said,"Now Buddy, don't forget to say thank you," giving Buddy the cue for another, I thought, cute trick. Buddy quickly complied again. I felt so proud and promptly gave Buddy all kinds of oohs and ahhs, and said "what a good boy." Then the vet drolly chimed in, "Buddy, it must be hard having a woman for an owner." A split second of complete silence ensued. I think, no one knew quite how I was going to take that comment. Then Buddy quickly nodded his head as if to agree and followed up with his big, warm, goofy, grin. We all laughed!


  1. So, TJ, how do you REALLY feel?

    Great pictures and a a good story.


  2. I really thought it was funny Dan. Whenever Buddy smiles, I smile! Why do you ask?

  3. Oh Buddy looks like a character!! He is a cutie, and I hope his lamness turns out to be nothing. I love Buddy's smile.

  4. Geez, I'm not even good at teaching my dog trick anymore. How's Cait? I haven't heard about her in a long time.

  5. Well M, Cait has a new first name and it begins with C and ends in Y and has a raz in the middle. Actually, she is cute but she better not be done yet, that is all I have to say. LOL!


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