Sunday, October 26, 2008

NAME THAT BULL ! (and that other bull)

All of the animals not slated for imminent slaughter are named upon reaching the (relative) sanctuary of our ranch. Sooo, the two new guys on our production line are in need of monikers. They are pure bred Angus and hail from Snake Creek Ranch in Nebraska. The name of their bloodline is Superior. Not bragging, just a name.
New Guy number one is number two. He is stocky, amiable, strong yet gentle, and weeps easily.

Even when he's in the middle of a project, like digging a new dusting pit, he's not too busy to help a friend in need.

New Guy number two is number ten. Is this clear? Number ten is more macho and aggressive toward his fellow bovines, and less sociable with humans. (Camera shy, maybe?) He is also a bigger hit with the females... sort of a Russel Crowe type. Classic body type, poses well, popular, but fun to be around??

I, and one of Tj's new geriatric cows, think NOT!!

On the plus side, YOU can use this personal info. to your advantage. We are offering a ridiculously cheap prize to encourage some outside energy in the naming process. An overnight stay in the ranch bunkhouse OR a set of note cards featuring photos of the ranch for the winning names. Just a heads-up here, the goat and our oldest horse, Charlie will attempt to join you in the bunkhouse. Your call there. Good luck.


  1. Well, the weepy one should be called Jeremiah, after the weeping prophet in the Bible. As for the studly one, you could call him Zorro of course!

  2. Oooh! I would LOVE to spend the night in your bunkhouse while sharing the space with a goat and a horse! Yay!
    Count me in :)

    #1: Santiago or Leonard
    #2.Fonzi or Slim Shady

    I don't know.

    I look at them....and they tell me the names they like....


  3. I think #1 should be Bubba sounds masculine enough but kinda down home like you guys.

    #2 should be Draco after the dark knight, Powerful but a bit of hiding in the shadows.

    Have fun guys. Love your sis and sis in law.

  4. The black angus looks like Brutus to me.

    As for the studly hereford, I'd name him Harold. Sort of a reverse psychology for the senior citizen herd.


  5. The Angus should be Angst for his emo nature.

    The Hereford should have a whole title with a Germanic slant. Herr Ford the Cadillac of Bulls.consi

  6. consi jumped onto there from the word verification.

  7. The studly hereford is a she. She is part of the geriatric crowd. Both bulls are black angus. I like Harold The Her Ford for her name though. LOL.

  8. Beavis & Butthead

    No particular reason. I have always liked those names and I just couldn't bring myself to name our two sons Beavis and Butthead.


  9. Burl and Cleatus. Or Snakebite and Morninglight Mountain.


  10. bull number 1 (2) I would name: Darth Vader...

    Bull number 2 (10) I would name Maximus after Russell Crowe!!


  11. oooo I like maximus. thats a good one or maybe Cesar or Marcus ; )

  12. I'll have to sleep on this. I don't want to come up with something too quickly and then they be stuck with a name that isn't becoming.

  13. Mostly great names, folks! Thanks for contributing. I think we're capturing the individual personalities and even expanding on them some... ahem, Cleatus?? or angst?, come on, we need these guys confident enough to perform their duties! And Dan... this is NOT about issues at your house. This is a serious cry for help with serious names! And Dylan, I may be the one calling down the canyon some still morning, searching for a lost bull. Do you really want me to have to listen to the returning echoes of "Morninglight Mountain"?? What would the neighbors think??
    As for you Johanna, one Marcos on the ranch is enough, thank you.

  14. Harold is a girl? Oh dear, I guess that is what I get for not paying attention to the details! In that case, maybe she should be Henrietta? Although Harold the HER ford is kind of cute :)

    As for the bulls, I think Bubba - a good strong redneck name - would go nicely with Brutus.

  15. No.2 is "Superior's Black Knight".
    A bit of a roughneck type fighter.
    Not too friendly.

  16. No.1 is Superior Romeo. Romeo for
    short. Then you can yell "Romeo,
    Romeo, where art thou Romeo?"

    He will say "I'm down here crying
    cus you bought all those old cows!"

  17. Janice, you are too funny....Do we know you? We love it when we get comments from people we don't know or know of. Hmmm? A mystery Janice, with a good sense of humor.

  18. Bull #1: Ted [The Mellow]

    Bull #2: Cecil [The Bully}

  19. Okay, I so like Maximus!! That is really good for bull numer 1 (2). But here are my names. I have never been good at naming things, but oh well.

    #1 (2): Apollo, Maverick, Cajun King

    #2 (10): Troubadour, Buckeye, Blackjack, Chochise

    Okay, that is all I have. Sorry no moonlight whatever here. Bulls should have names like Spitfire and Gnash!! My husband was a bullrider!! Hee hee!! Something intimidating. Our bull is named Diablo.

  20. Wow everyone. Great names... mostly!

  21. Bull 1: Clark

    Bull 2: Gilham

  22. Diablo is a great name for a bucking bull... We, on the other hand, are hoping to have chosen docile and respectful toward their handlers and fertile bulls.
    I think we have our winning names. I'll begin work on the announcement. thank you for your efforts. mark

  23. TJ, No, you don't know me, but of
    course I know of you through your
    wonderful blog that I learned of
    through Kym's blog. I used to be
    on Sunnyside with my grandparents.
    I met the Rossi's as a child and
    Ernie Manheart. I'm the one that
    took the picture you took of the
    falls and spread it throughout my
    family. I hope to meet you , Kym
    and Lodgepole one of these days.
    Please keep up the good work. It's
    so great to see that country up
    there. We left in the 70s. I have
    a great story about Lola Rossi. I
    remember the fish pond and the
    grape arbor. Thanks again.

  24. Thanks Janice. I hope to hear the story of Lola (didn't even know her name) Rossi, and other information about this place's history. I often wonder especially about the inhabitants of our house. I have been wondering who lodgepole is as well, so since you hope to meet him, I assume he is from here too? Sometimes I seem to forget that there are people out there reading our blog. LOL. Blessings to you.

  25. Janice, one more question? Was there a Joe Rossi? I ask because sometimes our son, Eric, calls himself that for fun and someone else here locally said that there was actually a Joe Rossi. I thought it was kind of a strange coincidence if true.

  26. Lola was Joe's wife. I remember
    going to their house when I was
    about 5. She had a big mountain
    lion skin on the back of her couch
    that I fell in love with. She took
    out a knife and cut off one of the
    clawed feet and gave it to me. I
    think Lola liked her cocktails!
    Unfortunately it burned up in a
    house fire in the lower part of
    Sunnyside Ranch. I believe Lodgepole's parents were some of the early newcomers that lived on
    Elk Ridge that my grandfather also
    leased. There will be an article
    in the Humboldt Historian coming
    out soon about the area, written
    by Jerry Beck who also leased the
    ER ranch.

  27. Cool story, thanks. And isn't it weird my son randomly picked Joe Rossi for his fictitious name. I mean the Rossi part came from our road and the last name of the known tenants, but it is uncanny that he picked Joe for the first name. At least I think it is. Woohoo.

  28. I spent a good bit of my youth out in those hills, looking across at your beautiful land. My folks were back to the landers. There were others out there already, but not many. As it's been told to me, Kym's father in law was one of, if not THE first folks to move out there seeking an alternative lifestyle. If he wasn't the first I think Lois was...

    By the way I really appreciate this blog.It's been great getting to see some of your ranch close-up.

  29. This may be true Lodgepole but the
    first people I remember were Ron
    and Kathy Davis.

    And yes TJ that's quite a coincidence. Now he can be called
    Old Joe for sure.

    Nice chatting with you guys. And
    your blog is beautiful!

  30. Wow, I was only meaning to comment and tell you that your post made me spit out my moong dal, (because I was laughing) but then I got a history lesson, too. Taking notes :)

  31. Taking notes for your story, I presume. Rae has a story that she is working on about a ranch and a fire. She was inspired while she was visiting me and if you want to read a really wonderful post, go to her blog and read the recent entry, "What the Fishes Saw". Trust me, this woman knows how to write!


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