Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Thank you to all who suggested names. This experience has really expanded my list of potential names for bulls!

Our favorites are; for our emo bull number 1, Jeremiah. His (nick)namesake is Jerry, the former owner of our herd and previous resident in our current house. Bull number 2 shall be named Maximus (nick)named Max. I have to share a story about Max the bull which will further explain our choice of names... as I passed the corral this morning, I noticed a 4 or 5 cow entourage around our new rock-star. Since he has exhibited a pronounced limp lately (battlescar from a jealous competitor, no doubt) I was watching intently to see how he was moving. As I drove slowly past, he turned his head to make eye contact, then performed his contracted duty upon the cow in front of him, and immediately began nuzzling the cow next to her! I have several problems with this; ALL of the cows in the pen are supposed to be third trimester and therefore uninterested, and these geriatric, and pregnant cows should know better than to fall for the smooth talking, good looking guy. Maximus, indeed!

Congratulations Annette, and Jason. Let us know your choice of prize! (December 7th will be caroling with the cows, a barn party/hayride/wild-tree decorating weenieroast extravaganza!

Here you can see why we needed new bulls: during last spring's cattle olympics the leap-frog team was under performing. The King is hamburger! Long live the King!


  1. Hi Annette - I'll take the bunkhouse, you can have the horse AND the goat? Sound fair? (lol)

    Thanks guys - fun watching all the ideas/names being given!


  2. Thanks, Jason.... but I already had the horse (he used to be my daughter's) though I will take the goat. She's a sweetie!

  3. I must admit I LOVE Max! ;) Very exciting bottom picture!

  4. Why must you show cow porn on this wholesome family oriented blog?

  5. Good question Anonymous.... although Mark claims it was Olympic leap frogging! Shame on him.

  6. Gee, I thought Beevis and Butthead would win hands down.

    But, I can live with the other names.


  7. What great names!! I like Max and Nick!! Congrats winners and have fun sleeping with the goat and horse. Hee hee!! Watch out those goats will eat everything!

  8. Cow Porn, whauahahahahaa! That is too funny!! I love Olympic Frog jumping!! LOL!! You are too funny!!!


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