Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Mountain of Memories

Yesterday I tried to load a photo of some tomatoes that produced fruit after getting no water for 3 weeks and a message appeared. Picasso full. I wondered, What the heck is a Picasso? Only to discover all the photos I've posted here on Picasso. Cool. They are all there neatly in folders. A mountain of photos, I might add. Seriously. I had no idea I've posted that many photos since this blog's inception in 2008. I found out that to continue using this blog I would now have to pay to store more photos. It's only $2.49 a month, but still, I'm pretty cheap and what could be had for free is better than spending a buck for the same thing.

So, I decided to start a new blog over on WordPress.  I'm calling it a Mountain of Memories, because I realize that's what this blog has been all about.  Memories stored, but not forgotten. I plan on posting more photos and short posts of things to treasure.  But who knows?  These blogs sometimes have a mind of their own.  Mark's vision for our future is more travel, so it could end up being a travelogue, which might be quite fun. 

Honestly, I was tempted to just quit blogging all together.  This ranch blog has been pretty dry now for a year or two, but then I heard Bertha's voice.  Bertha is this wonderful  woman in my old hometown, and every time I bump into her or chat on FB, she always says she LOVES my blog. It makes her day.  So Bertha, a big part of why I'm continuing blogging is you.  :-) 


  1. You guys into going to Italy... France... :-)

  2. Our Picasso account filled last month. We are now paying the $2.50/month. Well, it is a business expence (sort of...)



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